500gm Tin Copaslip(Anti-Seize Compount)UK
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Kinematic Viscosity of Base Oil at 40°C (I.P. 71 : 96.2 cSt
Unworked Penetration at 25°C (I.P. 50) : 310 -340
Consistency (N.L.G.I.) : No.1
Drop Point : None
Flash Point of Base Oil (I.P. 34) : 243°C (PMC)
Water Resistance : Complete
Neutralisation Value (I.P. 139) : <0.05mg KOH3/G
Operating Temperature Range : – 40°C to + 1100°C
Solidifying Temperature : – 18°C
Coefficient of Friction (Steel on steel, steady state) : 0.12
4-ball Machine Test : OK.Load 400kg
Covering Power : Approx. 8m2 per kg
Corrosion Resistant : Complete in 10% Hydrochloric 
    Acid and Saturated Salt solutions
Specific Gravity : 1.13
Available packing: 500g/ 5Kg